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template for a generation

Template For A Generation:

1. The Illusion Is Freedom (19:18)
2. Breathe It In (11:28)
3. Age Of Broken Reason (13:35)


eyes of the world

Eyes Of The World:

1. Erase...Rewind (9:41)
2. Stronger (5:54)
3. Windows To Your Soul (7:26)
4. Glass Tiger's Eye (4:07)
5. Lapse Of Sensation (8:22)
6. Eccentric Orbits (5:52)
7. Amber Skies (4:39)
8. The Vast Within (11:49)

Darwin's Radio tom barnes photo



A new year - a new beginning

Firstly, an apology in advance for starting 2010 with some not-so-great news, but our dearly-beloved Declan has decided to leave the band.  His statement is below:

“So, after 6 years with Darwin’s Radio I’ve decided to move on. I think it’s a good juncture to do that and I leave the group with a lot of fond memories. It’s been a lot of laughs and has been great to be part of the history of the group. Having recorded two albums and an EP with the band, and done some cool gigs along the way I think it’s time now to look for a new musical challenge. I'm currently writing material that should escape this year. Thank you once again to the fans for all the feedback and support along the way, to Mark, Tim and Sean for creating some great music, you’re the best. Wishing you all the very best for the future, thanks for the ride !!
Love Dec xx”

So, what now?  Well, after lots of thought, soul-searching, headaches, confusion, recuperation, and then more thought and more beers (get on with it! Ed), I have come to the conclusion that there is too much potential in what we have started for things to just grind to a halt.  Therefore I have decided to carry on as originally planned, burying myself deep underground and going into “songwriting mode” from February onwards.  When GLD split back in 2002 I had written a load of material that was abandoned, and I’m determined that the same thing will not happen again – this band is my outlet for the music that I want to create and share with people.  Finding a replacement for Dec will be a tall order, but that bridge will be crossed when the band is ready to re-emerge into the spotlight.  In the meantime I wish a happy new year to everyone who has supported the band up to now, and good luck to Dec in his new project.



Template For A Generation is continuing to sell surprisingly well, proof that the recession is really over perhaps? Meanwhile if any of you are hesitating to buy a copy, here's what the critics have been saying to help make up your mind :-)

... a sound that mixes the halcyon days of the 70s with the tight studioness of the 00s to create a truely absorbing sound... Silhobbit

Darwin's Radio describe themselves as "a modern progressive rock band with great harmonies, strong melodies and just a touch of jazz". Couldn't have put it better ourselves... Imagine a mesmerising mix of Marillion, It Bites and Colosseum, and you won't be too far off the mark. Classic Rock Magazine

Although Template For A Generation is only their second album, Darwin's Radio have already established a winning formula boasting confident melodies, strong vocals, superb musicianship, backed by a fine and weighty production. It has an across the board appeal that should find favour with devotees of the usual sub-genres including classic-prog, symphonic, neo-prog and prog-metal. In an uncertain world the band has all the necessary ingredients to succeed Dutch Progressive Rock Page

... a true prog album with a splash of the heavy about it, maybe into Dream Theater territory. Burke does an amazing job with the vocals in particular but his intertwining of his guitar with Westworth's keyboard sound will have many prog fans salivating. - Classic Rock Society magazine

Much is expected of this rising British quartet after their warmly received 2006 debut Eyes Of The World, and over 45 minutes the three labyrinthine prog epics on the sequel offer a rewarding musical journey. Darwin's Radio are descended from heritage prog bands like Yes, Genesis and Rush, but their complex, multi-sectioned arrangements are modulated through the latter-day rock sound of influences from It Bites to Dream Theater... Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine

Template For A Generation has only 3 tracks and 44 minutes of music, but it's pretty strong work, with some great guitar work from Burke, fine keyboards and a strong rhythm section. The sound reminds a little of the more progressive side of Dream Theater (around the time of Metropolis Part II, to be more precise). Actually I was quite surprised of how they were so successful in escaping that style's cliches and building a sound of their own… Conclusion: a band to watch for. Their evolution from the first album is enormous... It is powerful, emotional music with lots of good melodies and no unnecessary displays of virtuosity: it is technique used for the bigger picture.

... definitely quality not quantity... ...highly recommended... The Northern England Art Rock Society blog

Darwin's Radio... have humor and empathy at the same time... they are brimming with ideas...The structure of the album exudes indeed almost a classic charm... Babyblaue Seiten

The sound reminds me of some places in Westworth's previous band Grey Lady Down, the album Fear for me still is at a premium. Burke is a gifted guitarist, songwriter and singer. Especially his voice just fits perfectly... The 3 songs ever put to work to convince with a more eclectic songwriting, and give the instruments enough room to unfold... A clear evolution of Eyes Of The WorldJust For Kicks


The new CD is now in stock and is selling like the proverbial warm muffins... In fact, orders have already surpassed direct sales of the 1st CD, which is really positive news (and troubling for our poor old local Post Office lady who has a look of despair every time we enter with a box of jiffy bags!) 

We are hoping a review will appear in the next issue of Classic Rock magazine, and other reviews will be posted here soon.

Hope to see some of you at The Peel for that long-overdue gig...


Pre-order the new CD now!

Template For A Generation, the 2nd Darwin's Radio album, is now being pressed and copies will be ready for shipping very soon.

Please click the relevant link below to order your copy now! We've set a release date of 24th August, however pre-orders received up to the 14th August will be shipped immediately.

Audio previews of each track will be online when the new website launches in the next few weeks.

An article on the band will be also featured in Issue 3 of Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine, available on 5th August, and an edited version of "Breathe It In" will be included on the cover CD.


New Album Details

The artwork is being finalised and a release date will be set shortly. The album will be titled "Template for a Generation" and the track listing is as follows:

The Illusion is Freedom (19:18)
Breathe it in (11:28)
Age of Broken Reason (13:35)

It was decided at the beginning of the year to release the three completed tracks as a statement of the band's continuity. The album clocks in at just under 45 minutes, slightly shorter than is the norm these days, however we feel the tracks contain enough music to justify its release. The album will be sold at a special price of £8 direct from our website and will be available for pre-order very soon.

Mixing and mastering was completed at The Lodge in June with the assistance of Max Read at the helm again. Sadly Jem's involvement was curtailed due to health reasons and other commitments - we believe there was just too much prog on this album for him to handle. However, Mr. Godfrey has already given it a big thumbs-up having listened to a pre-release copy!

The collapse of Pinnacle last year unfortunately led to the demise of our distribution company - this resulted in the loss of 13 month's worth of UK sales of the 1st album, and this money is unlikely to see the light of day. As a result of this the CD will be released independently and sold via the website for the near future. Various companies will be selected for distribution outside the UK in due course.

We will also be announcing a gig in September very shortly. Sadly there is not enough time available to arrange any more gigs for the remainder of the year, however gigs for the UK and beyond are already being planned for early next year.

in concert

no current shows


Equipment Used On TFAG:

Musicman guitars; Guitars recorded using Amplitude in Pro-tools; Vocals recorded with an AKG 120 mic, again in Pro-tools

Musical influences:
Dream Theater, Muse, Steve Lukather, Debussy

Current favourite albums:
Carpark North - All Things to All People
Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself
Steve Lukather - Ever Changing Times

Claim to fame:
I once came 1st in a 'guess how many jelly beans in a jar' competition, I was thrilled !!

To continue to write and perform.

Other interests:
Adding, talking, pointing, drainage


Equipment Used On TFAG:

Drums and Cymbals.....
Also Sticks

Musical influences:
Simon Cowell

Current favourite albums:
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Opeth - Watershed

Claim to fame:
Represented Sweden in the 2004 Olympics (Gymnastics - Cart Wheel)

To represent United Kingdon in the 2012 Olympics (Gymnastics - Forward Roll)

Other interests:
Backward Roll


Equipment Used On TFAG:

Warwick Streamer ProM V-string bass, Dunlop Bass Wah, Boss ODB-3 bass overdrive pedal

Musical influences:
Geddy Lee, Chris Squire

Current favourite albums:
Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet
Alter Bridge - Blackbird

Claim to fame:
Play bass in Darwin's Radio

Win the lottery and retire to the South of France

Other interests:
0.5% over base


Equipment Used On TFAG:

Yamaha S90ES for piano, strings, pads, some organ & lead sounds; Nord Lead 3 for lead synths & pads; Nord Electro 2 for organ & Rhodes/Wurlitzer electric pianos; Akai Z4 sampler for Mellotron Cello, Strings & Choirs; Lexicon MPX-500 for reverbs & chorus Tracks recorded on Akai DPS16 - no MIDI was used in the keyboard recording! :o)

Musical influences:
Genesis up to '80, Yes up to '77, Flower Kings, Pain Of Salvation, Transatlantic, Opeth, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Rush, Keith Emerson, Francis Dunnery, Cardiacs, Zappa, Bruford, Rachmaninov, Sibelius, anything in 13/8 or Dflat minor (but not both)

Current favourite albums:
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Opeth - Watershed
Oceansize - Frames

Claim to fame:
I once got to 1st position in the leaderboard on a famous games site (that was before I had any friends lol). Also I can blow bubbles on my tongue!

To play my music to lots and lots of people and make them cry (with joy obviously); To learn to play the drums; To run a 5k under 20 minutes; To drive round the Nurburgring; To own an Aston Martin. Am I materialistic? Hell yes!

Other interests:
Playing acoustic guitar; Teaching my son capital cities (he's only 2, bless); running; watching films on Blu-Ray; buying gadgets; eating anything with chillies in it.